Vital Years Schools, was started in 1985 by Mrs. Barnes, a Briton, as a daycare facility, at No.8, Nagwamatse crescent, Area "A", Ahmadu Bello University, Samaru. It gradually expanded to accommodate kindergarten, and was taken over by Mrs. Johanna A. Alisah (the current proprietress) in 1987. Armed with hard work, integrity, and a strong affinity for excellence, Mrs Alisah did not relent in her effort to make Vital Years Schools a household name. Gradually evolving to include a primary section, it finally opened its permanent site in 2006 at Graceland.

What makes us outstanding is our brand which includes our commitment to excellence, integrity, and hard work. Over the years, this unique selling point has put us above our contemporaries. We have been acknowledged for delivering quality education to our pupils and students to maintain a long standing culture and quality service delivery.

World Class Curriculum

Dedicated to educate our students to a world class standard.

Modern Facilities

Spacious and conducive classrooms equipped with computers, interactive white board, and television sets, mini libraries including DVD and Video players.

Professional and Dedicated Teachers

The school is made up of highly qualified teaching staff that possess the necessary qualifications needed to impart world class education.

Parent engagement

Our relationship with parents is a vital part of the success of the school. We are partners in the learning process of our pupils.

Partnership with World class Technology Companies

Microsoft, Oracle, CISCO, Khan Academy, Saylor and World Possible

Integrated ICT Training Digital Literacy Certificate powered by Microsoft


At Vital Years Schools, we inculcate values that help develop the total Learner. Values that are relatable in our various cultural and religious affiliations to bring up individuals rich in character.


Our Learners come first in everything we do. That is why we are here!


Teamwork and collaboration form the core of success in our present world, that is why we ensure that this mindset is cultivated while guiding the children through self discipline for personal success.


To be the quintessential hub of education that builds individuals of noble character and learning, helping them achieve the highest levels of their potentials.


To provide exemplary education through the committed operation of a mind-challenging, standard- based curriculum in a safe, nurturing environment that inspires and prepares individuals for success in a dynamic global environment.

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